New Game: documentary movie review

New Game: documentary movie

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Document is about PC games development. The goal is reveal what's behind the scene of the PC games known all over the world. We´re focusing on special projects which are interesting and have potential to represent czech software developing scene.

In the document, you can see altogether of 4 development teams and studios. Each team works on an entirely different concept project with the different approach to work. First team Amanita Design is where we focus on the game Samorost 3 which is in development for 5 years already. The company is typical for unique visual work.

Next company is Keen Software House which is developing games Space Engineers, Medival Engineers and artificial intelligence GoodAi. An entirely original experiment titled GoodAi has unique approach to topic, special concept and plenty of PC games integration possibilities.

The team of the Dreadlocks company is developing a new horror game which is intended primarily for set of Virtual Reality. The game is special in many ways. Main characters will be represented by real actors and game locations will be create according to the real places on the Earth. Players can have an approach to the inaccessible and frightening places using virtual reality.

Last game is Phonopolis, which is a first work of the three-members team. The game developing is special for working process. Handmade paper models are photographing and then transforming into the 3D models. After, they are animated and integrated to the computer code. Future of Phonopolis depends on response to demo version and following support.


New Game: documentary movie New Game: documentary movie
New Game: documentary movie
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